Ajantis Goodman is a high ranking paladin of Torm who came to beldin some time ago and has sinse been living and working at the Temple of Torm in Beldin. He has recently enlisted with the Lion Legionnaires where he holds the position of Exalted Templar.

Ajantis Goodman is played by Shadowblizmasta


Ajantis Goodman was born and raised in the nation of Cormyr. Here he spent most of his life working as a farmhand until later on he joined the Cormyrian army. During his training years as a recruit Ajantis's troop was trained by Gerald Leonsmane before he had left for Beldin. After several years and other small skirmishes in the Cormyr military the now young paladin heard of Gerald still working off in Beldin and set out to join in helping Beldin. After finding Gerald and several years of adventurering in Beldin he has now joined the Lion Legionnaires and commands their troops as Exalted Templar.

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