Behemoth, as his apt name suggests, is a monstrous half-orc barbarian. He stands just over 8 feet tall and weighs in at around 500 pounds making him tower over all but the largest races. He is so large that he is very often mistaken for a full blood orc, if not a half-ogre, for not even actual orcs easily get to the size this halfbreed has gotten to. It goes without saying, he favors power, and has a thing for large weapons.


Behemoth's life started in an orc tribe when his mother had taken to human male captive that was taken during a raid. When he was born his half-blood nature was kept secret from the rest of the tribe and she instead insisted to the tribal cleric of Gruumsh that her pregnancy was invoked by the one eyed god himself. Taken as a sign that he was to be a champion there was much celebration and raiding. Upon birth he was blessed by the cleric and shamans and taken from his mother and to be raised by the warchief. Luckily, they never found out about his half-blood nature. At the mere age of 6, his tribe came under the attack of a group known as the Astrid Knights and they were either all slain or had been forced to leave. Young as he was however, he was left hiding in a spot of grass during the battle and was greatly confused. That is until a certain gnome came along by the name of Glittermouth. Glittermouth found the little one and being the creative man he was could think of no better name for the guy than Behemoth, for even though he wasnt large yet, he still was huge compared to the gnome. From then on Behemoth never really learned much about the orcs he came from, but always remembered the faces of those who battled the orcs that day. He was raised by Glittermouth and educated as much as his intellect allowed by him aswell. He grew very close to Glittermouth and saw him as both a father and a friend, the only family he can remember save for the nightmares of the night the knights came.

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