Bonesaw is a large grey orc frenzied berzerker who is very impressionable and quick to make friends, but also has a temper like that of no other. He is an adventurer in Beldin and loves to smash things with his enormous mace and to anything to apease his friends.

-Bonesaw is played by Generalrykof-


Bonesaw knows very little of his own past as when he was very young the tribe he belonged to was raided and slaughtered by adventurers. He was then taken as a youngster and sold into slavery and taken on a long trip to the small port city of Memnon in Calimshan where he would spend the majority of his childhood fighting in gladitorial battles against other creatures such as ogre's, giant's and other humanoids and beasts. Through sheer force of strength alone (since he doesn't really possess anything else) he survived each fight and quickly became the champion several seasons in a row. While normally champions were freed, he was tricked and kept in the dark as to this benifit and was forced to spend several more years there until he was introduced to another orc slave who taught Bonesaw (a name given to him by the crowd for the way his teeth cut through the bones of his enemy's in a particularly gruesome match) most of the common he knows.

It was this orc who also informed Bonesaw that he was being taken advantage of. This infuriated Bonesaw further and in no time he had started a fullscale rebellion in which all the slaves took up arms and overpowered their captors. After doing so and burrying the body of his orc friend, every gladiator took off on their own and he took the first ship he could find. The only free ship there was happened to be heading towards the city of Beldin. He was told the trip would be long, but on the other side a land waited for him that would be full of promise. Believing everything he heard just as he always did, he took the ship and arrived in Beldin months later.

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