In 1018, the Dracorage struck the continent of Fearun, driving the dragons insane, and causing them to go on a rampage. There was one Great Wyrm in the Karen Valley at that time: the Wyrm of the Aelfwood, which had terrorized the wood elves of the forest before the coming of the Jadys'Varines. It ventured forth from its lair on the western side of Astrid Rock, and began moving south, killing anyone who was so unfortunate as to cross its path.

Among others, Queen Devona Aelfhiem, who was vacationing in the north at the time, and her little son Garrick, the heir to the Beldin throne, were slain. King Aelfric I led the best fighters in the valley forth to have revenge upon the Wyrm, and to stop its rampage before it reached Beldin. Lord Grayson Lester, Devona's brother, and Lord Aranas Jadys'Varine were part of the expedition.

The battle did not go well for the lords of the Karen, since the dragon was far stronger and more cunning than they had anticipated, even in its maddened state. In desperation, Lord Aranas told everyone to retreat, realizing that the only way to defeat the dragon would be to use the Shattering Swords. When it the others were far enough away, he clashed the swords together, causing them to shatter into a million tiny shards –slaying the dragon and himself.

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