Rykof's Eliphas

Eliphas is a long time worshiper of the powers of evil in this world. A high ranking cleric of Bane he is vile to his core and while educated, and somewhat sophisticated loves nothing more than bloodshed in the name of his dark god.

Eliphas is played by Generalrykof


Hailing from Thay, and claiming Deep Imaskari roots, Eliphas was born into a position of serving at a temple of Bane and was privaliged to have served at the temple during the time when most followers of Bane converted to other deities while Bane was thought dead. Because of this, the small temple to Bane in Thay was found in great favor amongst the current Banites and has helped Eliphas rise in power. Eliphas however, with his unquenchable thirst for battle and bloodshed has taken to traveling, and has after many years settled on Beldin as an excellent sourse of evil and a place ripe for the worship of the Lord of Darkness.

Some rumors claim that he has celestial heritage, however he deny's any such accusations and indeed if he does have any celestial blood at all it is obviously very very far removed.

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