Esmel is the twin sister of Vraeln Nasadra-Eininfar, and the eldest daughter of Vaune Nasadra and Ronin Eininfar. She was born Kythorn 15th, 1384, and began adventuring when she was only twenty-five.

Esmel is played by Mimi Fearthegn.


Esmel takes after her father in looks, being recognizably more wood elven in features than drow. She is rather tall for an elf, with yellow-orange eyes, streaked grey hair, and dusky skin. She keeps her hair short for practicality's sake.

Recently she has decided to follow her brother's example and awaken her shadow dragon blood. The result to date has been slightly pointier teeth, and the appearance of small scales.


Esmel was born in the Karen River Valley, and has lived there her entire life. Most of her time was spent in Astrid Keep, where her family moved when she was nine.

She has not yet done much of note in her adventuring career, since it has been regularly interupted by trips up north with her father. She was involved somewhat in the investigation of a Demogorgon demon cult defeat of the demon lord Aamuel in late 1309.


Esmel has yet to find any equipment of note. She believes strongly in going with whatever works best, so has no special preference for one weapon over another. She was, however, mostly trained with katanas.

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