The following is a list of gangs, cults, guilds, noble houses, orders and kingdoms that are active in the Karren Valley.

For more information on each group, either click on the symbol or name next to it.

AstridOrder of the Astrid Knights

UnThe Bounders

DarkcovenThe Dark Coven

UnThe Ferrets

UnHouse Ferret

BeldinThe Kingdom of Beldin

GreycastleHouse Greycastle


Impdragon flag thumbImperial Dragon Empire

Lester thumbHouse Lester

Lion thumbThe Lion Legionnaires

UnThe Nedra Dominion


NasadraHouse Nasadra/ Eininfar

NightHouse Nightshade

UnThe Scarlet Cast

UnThe Kingdom of Siluvan

Tang thumbHouse Tanghilt


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