Faerda d'Quellar Dyrr came to Beldin late in the year 1400, claiming to a follower of Eilistraee. She joined the adventuring guild, and visited the enclave a few times.

Early in 1401, she led a band of adventurers to Siluvan. Reports of what happened next vary, but the end result was that a fight broke out between Faerdra, the adventurers, and another unnamed drow who mysteriously appeared. Several Siluvan residents, including Eluthyr Galanodel and his wife Earawen (previously Earawen Cerlynai) were killed, and many more were injured. The drow attacker (or the one attacked, again, there were several reports) was among the fatalities. The entire incident was blamed on Faerdra, and she was subsequently hunted down. Upon being interrogated it was revealed that she was in fact a worshipper of Lolth, not Eilistraee, and she had deliberately planned the incident to not only take out an assasin who had been pursuing her, but out of shear spite for Siluvan. She was burned to ashes in the summer of 1401.

One of the adventurers involved in the incident, a half drow named Silinrul, was likewise executed, despite please for clemancy from the Eilistraean Enclave.

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