Feynot is an aged Paladin of Torm who has been through much leaving him in a darker mood, however none question his staunch devotion to Torm which has lasted longer than any other Paladin in the Valley. He also serves in Astrids military as a Colonel and is present on the Council.

Feynot is played by Fivewhats


Feynot Hlalm is a Beldin citizen. For his service to the kingdom, he was awarded the knightly Order of the Beldin Rose.

After the Fourth Winter War , Feynot joined the Order of the Astrid Knights as a Council Member. In addition to that station, he served as a Major in its military, but has since been promoted to Colonel, making him the second in command of its armies.


Arguably the most enigmatic of the the knights, Feynot Hlalm remains a complete mystery even to those who have known him since his arrival. The extent of his allies knowledge of his past is that he is or was married, and has a son named Steophen. However, Feynot speaks little of either his wife or son, nor of the circumstances under which he left them for a life of adventuring under the holy word of Torm.

Despite his status as a paladin, many people (including clergy men) whisper of how he certainly pushes the limmit of what is acceptable behavior for a warrior of god. Although he has never commited any atrocities or even been especially violent in war, his behavior is often described as all together dour, sour, crass and simply rude at times (though he has never actively gone out of his way to be so).

He has spent his time in the valley partaking in numerous adventures and military campaigns.

During the Fourth Winter War , he had joined the party of knights and adventurers seeking to challenge the avatar of Auril , and in fact was one of the few to find a weapon capable of harming her . However, circumstance found him on the other side of the valley on another battlefront when the avatar finally faced down the knights in the city of Beldin.

In the days following the Fourth Winter War, he would join his fellow knights in founding the Order of Astrid Knights .

Feynot Hlalm was also on the team that set out to assassinate the Death Kings during the Adamantine War .

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