House Tanghilt seal

House Tanghilt was a noble family and one of the founding houses of the Kingdom of Beldin. They were the heads of the famed Black Stilleto Assassins Guild till they themselves were assassinated in 1413.


The Tanghilts were one of the founding families of the Kingdom of Beldin. Despite such ancient roots, little of their history has been noteworthy. Their populairty among the other noble houses (and especially within the adventurer community) was in steady decline from 1370 onwards. Amongst knights and adventurers, this was mostly due to their being Cyricist's, as well as suspicions of them being the leaders of the Black Stilleto Assassins Guild.

At the start of the Second Beldin Civil War, their estate mysteriously burnt down while they slept, ending the entire bloodline. Although many suspected this was an assassination rather than a freak accident, their unpopularity resulted in little to no real investigation into the matter.

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