The Tharperons are descended from one of the Eleven Captains, but unlike many of the other noble families, have kept mainly to themselves throughout Beldin's history. At this point, it looks as though their line is coming to an end, since Lord and Lady Tharperon's children all left to go adventuring, and never returned.

Current MembersEdit

Lord Tharperon

Lady Tharperon

Alliances and EnemiesEdit

The Tharperons are loyal to the king, but do not usually involve themselves in politics. There were rumors that they are, or have harbored, Harpers.


The only thing of note to happen to the Tharperons in recent years was the supposed return of their son, Dale. He came back to Beldin in late 1381 along with his wife, Vashti, and a band of adventurers. The Tharperons were overjoyed to have their son back. Unfortunately, Dale claimed that he had been afflicted with a curse while he was adventuring--the only outward manifestation was his black eyes--and promptly locked himself up to study a cure.

Some months later, Dale emerged and declared that he needed dragon scales in order to effect his cure. He was closely questioned by Mith Kaldaka Ischarri, before his request was turned down by the Guild. He sought out other methods of getting his components. In the end, it was discovered that Dale was in fact Illenai in disguise, and his 'wife' was a Sharran priestess. They had been working on modifying the mythals to create the Shroud, and plunge the valley into darkness. Zilvra Vrinn switched one of Illenai's components, and both Illenai and Vashti were killed while Illenai was attempting to perform the ritual. Part of the ritual still came off, however, and Illenai escaped by means of a contingency spell.

The Tharperons were heartbroken, and have not been heard from much since.

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