The House of Volous is one of the founding families of Beldin. At present, there is no Lord or Lady Volous. The late Lord Volous' three daughters are mainly known for their lack of common sense, and love of parties. Though the Volous fortune was once very great, they have been spending it at an amazing rate, so there is doubt as to how much will be left by the time they die.

Current MembersEdit

Ella Volous

Rae Volous

Ona Volous

Alliances and EnemiesEdit

The Volous girls have not kept up much in the way of political dealings.


The late Lord and Lady Volous died in the Battle of the Blizzard, and since then, their three daughters have been squandering the family fortune. About the only thing of note the Volous family has done in recent years is found the Volous Trading Company. The Company seemed very prosperous, despite being almost entirely administrated by gnomes, but the entire thing turned out to be a giant illusion. Ella has gained a certain amount of wisdom with age, so she salvaged part of the Company, and has turned it into a fairly profitable business.

In 1389, all three Volous girls were assassinated at a party thrown to welcome certain newcomers to Beldin, held at the Merchants' Guild. The newcomers turned out to in fact be devotees of the demon lord Malcanthet. The day was saved by Feynot, Mortal'itas, and others of the Adventurers' Guild. Ella, Rae, and Ona were raised from the dead by Lureene Merrymar, but they were traumatized for tendays after the event.

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