Portrait by Chengc

Marie Levey, also mostly known by her longtime adopted name of Igrat, is a tiefling witch (female warlock). Since arriving in Beldin some 35ish years ago, she has become a knight of the Rose, a member of the Astrid knights and governor of the small settlement on Astrid Rock.

She married Nictaska, a fellow tiefling and knight at midsummer eve 1391 DR.

In the 7th of Nightal 1392 DR she gave birth to their daughter, Livia.

Following the end of the devestating war against the Deathqueen and demon armies of Mystera, Marie adopted the title of Countess. She did this to strengthen her authority in a time of trials and to give her people a greater degree of recognition. Some 15 years after this, the title remains barely acknowledged by the people of Beldin city and her claim little more than another example of her eccentric behaviour. Marie has colourful past in Beldin, known for her fiery temper and is widely considered responsible for the great slums fire in the 1380's. Her stubbornly ingrained philosophy of treating others as they treat her often causes some friction with other groups and people of the valley...

Marie Levey is played by I'kai.

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