Note: This page pertains to the Imperial Dragon Empire as it was presented in the Beldin universe. For information on the Imperial Dragon Isles role playing project by ElizLestrad, visit the official site here .Edit

Impdragon flag

Imperial Dragon Empire Flag

The Imperial Dragon Empire was an island nation, though its exact location remained unknown to most in the valley. The only contact established with this distant land was through Queen Elizabeth Lestrads ship, though preceding this was the arrival of Korana Cadillac.

Relations between Beldin and the Dragon Empire were fairly peaceful, except for a brief time when Korana Cadillac went rogue and began assaulting civilians in the valley.

The Imperial Dragons presence was felt most strongly during the Beldin Civil War , when they pledged the few resources they had towards the Rebellion, after Malark Lester attempted to hijack the queens ship and steal their more advanced technology.

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