Keyna Fearthegn was the captain of the Bounders during the Fourth Winter War , and distant cousin of the Beldin Fearthegn noble family. She was known for her loud voice, annoying whistle, propensity to start bar brawls, and ability to drink copious amounts of hooch.

She was played by Keyna Fearthegn


Keyna Fearthegn came from the Dalelands. Her mother died when she was very young, and she had no sisters, but seven brothers. So she grew up a tomboy. Due to the drow invasions of the Dalelands from Cormanthyr, Keyna was instilled with a healthy hostility towards drow.

It is not generally known why Keyna came to Beldin, but she quickly established herself as a capable fighter and bounder, and was eventually appointed captain of the Bounders. She used to participate in Adventurers' Guild scouting missions to the far north as far as the Ice Temple, and took part in the Third Winter War and the Battle of the Blizzard. After the Battle of the Blizzard she stopped being as active in Guild matters, and retired in 1391 from the Bounders.

During her retirment, the former Bounder took to brewing hooch, and stayed out of the valleys conflicts, except during the Death King wars. When the mythals were destroyed, she joined the outbound team in their quest to hunt down the Herald of Myrkuul, a journey which led her to the Fugue plane itself.

After the defeat of Myrkuul and his forces, each of the heroic party were given the choice to either stay in the Grey City as one of its Watchers, or return to the material plane with a boon from Kelemvor. Keyna was the only one who choose to stay behind, and is now currently a guardian of the Grey City.

Description and EquipmentEdit

Keyna tended to dress in blue and grey--the colors of her adopted homeland. She was rarely well kept in terms of appearance, except for her red hair, which is always nicely combed.

Her favored weapon was the adamantine katana Astrophy Kat; a simple but exceptionally well made sword forged out of the armor of the fallen drow from her homeland. This, along with her armor, was given to Zilvra Vrinn before the latter began the journey home from the Fugue, and was to be given to the dark elf's daughter, Brianna, when she came of age.

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