Life gems are crystal like gems that have been blessed by the clerics of either Tymora or Besheba. When the body gives out and a person dies, any life gem they were carrying immediatly acts as a relay between the body and the Tymoran temple of Beldin, pulling their bodies from the current location towards that shrine, where they are revived by powerfull divine magic.

Types of Life gemsEdit

There are several types of life gems.

  1. Besheba's Life Gem: These gems are cursed, created by the followers of Besheba to sabatoge any who look to Tymora's power to save them.
  2. Life Gems: The most common type is simply called a life gem. Being raised from the dead in this way is very draining, and so weakness, memory loss, and other ill effects may be experienced (large experience loss).
  3. Epic Life Gem: These life gems have been blessed thru several more rituals than ordinary, and so fewer ill effects are felt. They are significantly more expensive and rare than the standard life gems, however (moderate-low experience loss).
  4. Tymora's Life Gem: These are the most powerful of all life gems, and are extremely rare. Users suffer absolutly no weakness, memory loss or any other ill effects.

Life Gem deriviativesEdit

There are other enchanted gems with properties simmilar to life gems that can be found in the valley.

Soul Gems: Meant to imprison the souls of their victims. These gems have been used by the dark powers that reside in the valley several times. Many mistakingly believe that the Death Kings were the first to create and use them, but this is not the case. Sharran and Loviataran cultists first brought these cursed gems int othe valley centuries ago. The Death Kings did , however, employ them on a massive scale, dedicating much of their early campaigns towards capturing the souls of the living and binding them into golem forms.

In recent years, the Scarlet cast and the Dark Coven have been known to employ soul gems as well.

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