A magical or enchanted weapon is, as the name suggests, a weapon that has been imbued with arcane or divine energies or spells.


Although magical weapons tend to be less rare in the valley than they are in other parts of toril, the creation of one is no easy feat.

First and formost, only exceptionally high quality weapons can withstand the enchanting process. In the best case scenario, a less weapon will simply not contain the enchantments, but in the worst case, it will outright shatter, potentially harming the enchanter. Once the enchantment is made, however, the weapon rarely, if ever, requires much in the way of maintainance (the extent to which this applies depends on the level of enchantment).

The enchantment process often requires vast sums of gold, as well as specific gems, depending on the particular enchantments.

Finally, in addition to the above, the process is extremely draining on the enchanter, whether it is an arcane or divine ritual in question. The more powerful the enchantment, the more draining it is. Though not normally fatal, it can be harsh enough to make the enchanter suffer temporary memory loss or physical ailments.

Careful planning must be done before the enchanting rituals are completed, as a weapon can only hold so much power. Thus, it is not uncommon to see adventurers forgoing a higher enchatnment class if it means they can imbue the weapon with more spells or energies.

Enchantment ClassificationsEdit

The various power levels of an enchantment can be described as follows. Note that the enchantment grade does not reflect on a weapons other abilities.

Enhancement Bonus Classification

Imbued: Lightly enchanted weapons, more often than not created in

ancient times by uknown forces for their armies or captains. Very few enchanters

ever bother creating such arms in recent times, though their usefulness is

not to be underestimated. Even an Imbued blade is a deadly weapon in the right hands.

These weapons must be maintained with the same care given to non-magical arms.


Enchanted: Accquiring a weapon with this level of magic is often seen as the first fruit of

an adventurers toil. Enchanted arms are used even by the most successful adventurers,

as this level of enchantment allows the weapon to hold more spells or energies within.

These weapons are more resistant to wear and tear than unenchanted weapons, but must still be sharpened and maintained.


Mighty: A sable weapon indeed. Often requisitioned by high ranking captains or

generals in the armies of Beldin and Siluvan. Mighty weapons proove to be a good

balance between a weapons enchantment grade and spell or energy power.

Weapons of this kind require maintainance.


Majestic: The prize of many an adventurer and warlord, magic of this caliber is

difficult to obtain, but well worth the toil and cost in coin.

Majestic weapons do not require maintainance; the enchantment keeps these

weapons in prestine condition.


Legendary: The most powerful of all magical enchantments that can be grafted into

a physical weapon. Only the most gifted enchanters are capable of performing such

enchantments. As expensive as they are deadly, a Legendary weapon is a

true testiment to the capabilities of the wielder.

Legendary weapons do not require maintainance; the enchantment keeps these

weapons in prestine condition.


God Slayer : Weapons of this kind can harm dieties and their avatars. EXTREMELY

Rare. No known enchanters are capable of creating such weapons.

God Slayer weapons do not require maintainance; the enchantment keeps these

weapons in prestine condition.

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