Mith Kal'daka Ischarri was a drow battle mage who frequently aided the Kareyn valley from the Third Winter War to well after the Fourth. He was one of Vikii D'veerz's consorts and father of Ches'serina.


Mith Ischarri performed several deeds for the kingdom of Beldin, which earned him the knight order of the Beldin Rose. However, this honor was lost when, in a fit of rage, he cast a meteor storm on Siluvan's court, nearly triggering a war between them and Beldin. In later years he would atone for this misdeed.

By the end of the Fourth Winter War, in which he aided the party that battled Auril's avatar, he joined with his companions in forming the Order of Astrid Knights , in which he would establish a Mages Academy. Despite his status as an Astrid Knight, he did not regain the prestiege of bearing a Beldin order of knighthood, marking him as the only such Astrid Knight.

In 1394, he joined the Kareyn Valleys Outbound Team in their hunt for the Death Queen, following the destruction of the mythal and resurrection of Myrkul. He was slain in the Black Sun citadel, and his soul remained trapped there for over twenty years, till Gerald Leonsmane's expeditionary force became stranded in the plane. They managed to release his spirit during their escape.

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