Mokap D'Gren is the adopted student of Farnol D'Gren who took on his last name after being rescued from a crazed group of fanatical racists named the New Dawn. He is now being trained as a wizard and arcane trickster under Farnol's teaching and is just starting his own adventuring career.


Mokap's life began in the goblin caves outside Riverfern. He grew up there for the first five years of his life learning to fear the heroes that come periodicly into their lands and destroy them. Each time their leader mounts a defence, and each time they are all killed. However one night many were not killed but captured by knights wearing the emblem of a silver hangmans noose wreathed in flame. Many were tortured and killed being branded as abominations. Mokap and a select other few were taken to be tortured as well. They were knocked out and drug deep into the Krawl where they were bound to await their cruel fate. However that time did not come as a group of knights and adventurers raided the New Dawn headquarters and free'd the captives. The goblin Mokap however had nowhere to go, and was very young being only 5 at the time, making him fully matured physically but not terribly wise. Farnol took pity upon the creature and took him in as his own. Where he was trained in magic for a long while. Now after years of study Mokap is ready to go out and adventure the world himself. To which the world say, "Oh... hurray...".

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