Dame Nati Tane is an asimar favored soul of Jergal, and a knighted adventurer of Beldin, currently holding the order of
Nati Tane Angel of Death

Nati Tane- the Angel of Death (by Eininfar)

the Beldin Poppy. She is also a founding member of the Order of the Astrid Knights .

Nati is played by Shadowblizmasta.


Nati Tane was born in Damara, the daughter of an asimar father and human mother, both adventurers by trade. Both of her parents were killed by a tiefling warlock named Roland Daggerfiend. Tane remained hidden during the attack, and was later found by priests of the near by Jergalite temple. They took her into their care, and raised her according to the ways of the clergy. For many years, she led a safe and even happy life, befriending Tania Nightbane and Wentel Darin.

This ended when she reached the age of 15. Once again, Roland returned to the land, bringing with him several bandits. They attacked the temple and slaughtered its clergy. The head cleric, Thomas Nightwatcher, sacrificed himself and spent all of his power to collapse the temple on top of the attackers, preventing them from attacking the town. However, Tania and Darin were also caught in the rubble, and Roland himself had escaped. Nati survived, however, and spent the next year hunting down Roland, swearing to

Nati casting a powerful spell

avenge the deaths of her parents, her mentors and her friends. Eventualy she caught up with the warlock during a very stormy night, and through either luck, or divine intervention, was not slain by the warlock. The storm caused a scythe from a local farm to imbed in Roland's spine, and Nati took the scythe and a strange, platinum ring for herself.

Not long after Rolands fall, she found herself in a bar along the sword coast, where she met with a Fearthegn recruiter. His tales of the Kareyn valley and reports of the ongoing Winter War fascinated her, and she felt that her destiney lay in this distant land. Without hesitation, she agreed to sail back with him and his crew.

Once in the valley, she soon signed up with the Adventurers Guild, and found herself frequently fighting along side several knighted mercenaries, resulting in her constantly being on the frontline of the war.


Nati wears a suit of full plate White Dragon armor, and wields a scythe. She wears enchanted boots that increase ones flexibility (Greater boots of dexterity), and has accquired a belt that increases the constitution of its wearer (Greater belt of Constitution).

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