Sir Nicktaska Levi is a tiefling elderitch knight. He was the second apprentice of Sir Ronin Eininfar , and is currently a member of the Order of Astrid Knights , also possessing the Beldin knighthood Order of the Rose.

He is married to Marie Levey , and has one daughter (Livia Levey).

Nicktaska is played by chengc02.

History Edit

Early LifeEdit

Nicktaska himself recalls little of his childhood, and only recently discovered the circumstances of his birth.

He was the son of Naomi Valoraj, eldest daughter of a line of nobles that defended a small territory in the Daggerdale of the Dalelands. While investigating a cult, she was abducted and dragged into a portal to Baetor by operatives in the Hellbrood project. She was not seen until eight months later. and appeared thick with child. She related to her family all the horrors she had endured, but also urged them not to harm the child. Although several of her brothers and cousins opposed this, her father gave in to her wish.

Just weeks after his birth, she committed suicide, unable to bear the trauma of the last few months any longer. Without the mother left to shield the child, Naomi's relations began to plot, seeing the child as a threat to their own claim to the family wealth and power. Seeing the danger young Nicktaska was in, Naomi's youngest brother, Norrel, took the child and left Daggerdale. Along the way however, he was pursued by infernal operatives, intend on taking back the child. In an effort to throw them off, he eventually left Nicktaska with friends of his in Waterdeep, then went away and drew the devils off.

This was still not the end for the child, however. The contacts were assumed dead, for at some point Nicktaska was no longer with them, and Norrel could not track either them or the child by the time he returned the following year.

Eventually, Nicktaska gained the attention of a local wizard, who reconized not only the infernal blood in Nicktaska, but his strong connection to the Weave. He "adopted" the child, and used him for cruel experiments, though strangely enough also taught him how to harness his arcane gifts.

He would eventually escape the mage's abode, and quickly left Waterdeep.


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