These prophecies are found in the Sharran Shrine, and in bits and pieces on the mythal capstones of the Karen Valley. They are thought to refer to the events leading up to the end of the world.

In their full form, the Prophecies of Shar include both the Dark Prophecies, and the Sayings of Sehanine. The Sayings of Sehanine are meant to be contraditions to the Dark Prophecies.

The PropheciesEdit

The dragons eye shall watch the gate

For the guardianship of theses lands

Let them stand! the gate shall open. . .

Seven stars you see

Burning with warmth

Take care that they do not go out

Though they stretch from law to chaos

They shall act as one

Eight from the lower alignment

Seven stars there are

Watching the night

Keeping the darkness at bay

Insanity shall have no luck

Darkness shall stalk its prey

Lightning shall bring pain

And hell shall sit at ease with them all

When the scourge of lightning

Dances madly on the horns

The sanguine battle of forever

Shall cease

When the sun is a black disk

And the horn is blown by the twin claws

The gates of the dark dragon shall open

And evil shall spring forth

The circle is made of mithril

The horn is that of the king

Antlers are shed in winter

Under the stars of the sky

The claws are the hands of hunters

Guarding the northern lands

The lightning follows the thunder

Bringing the cleansing rain

When the dark years have run their course

All this shall come to pass

That which was a river of ice

Shall become a river of fire

As the chosen come forth -- the eight children

Stolen from the gods of light

The lower planes will follow them

Darkness will cover all

The light of the sun will be vanquished

And the moon will be no more

The dragons eye shall close

The darkness turn to light

As long as the stars keep shining

All things shall still be right.

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