Ronan Skygem is an old 65 year old Paladin of Torm who has served his station faithfully for almost all his life. Having heard of the Lion Legionnaires he imediatly upon settling in Beldin saught out Gerald Leonsmane and joined and now holds the position of Inquisitor.

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Ronan Skygem lived out his youth serving his temple faithfully. During this time he served as a royal guard for many nobles who required such trusted protection and acted as a healer and guard at his temple as well. In addition he has protected the city he came from countless times over his long life. His greatest job however in his temple was in routing out enemy heretics and in discovering evil in the midst of what might seem to be friends and was also used in uprooting numerous enemy spy groups amongst his temple during his younger days. Upon hearing of the Legionnaires mission he traveled to Beldin in order to put his skills to good use and upon ariving his skill set fit perfectly with the roll of Inquisitor where he now will serve a very similar duty in keeping the Lion Legionnaires free of taint, traitors, and heretics.

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