The Shattering Swords were once a single two-bladed sword, wielded by the last coronal of Shantel Othrier--Coronal Ynloeth. Now split into two swords, each blade bears a "God Slayer " class enchantment.


The weapon was once wielded by Coronal Ynloeth, who was assassinated sometime during the Third Crown War. The artifacts are well over ten thousand years old. Their name comes from their ability to shatter into a whirlwind of tiny deadly blades when clashes together. After such a whirlwind, the wielder is often dead (as is everything in the near vicinity), and the blades reform wherever the wind takes them.

The blades enter the history of Beldin when they were brought to the valley by Aranas Jadys'Varine. He used them to kill the great green wyrm of the Aelfwood, thereby freeing the wood elves of the forest from its depredations. He died himself in the battle, and the blades disappeared from the valley.

The Jadys'Varine family sought them long and hard, and finally Aranas' great nephew Kerym found one of the blades. It has been passed down in the family since then, and is currently held by Lord Aravilar Jadys'Varine.

The other sword was discovered by Illenai in the grave of Aranas Jadys'Varine. He wielded in for some years, until he was killed by Heniandrar and Ronin Eininfar. They returned the sword to the grave at the request of the ghosts that guard the Siluvan tombs, but these ghosts later gave the sword to Heniandrar, saying he was meant to have it.

The Jadys'Varine family sees both blades as their rightful property, and so would not be happy to know that the second Shattering Sword is in the hands of Heniandrar.

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