Sorn Karibe is a talented human monk who has traveled from his homeland in Cormyr in order to help the people of Beldin. He has recently joined the Lion Legionnaires and holds the rank of Reconciler in the Ordo Animus.

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Sorn was born on a farm in the kingdom of Cormyr and spent most of his life there as a simple farmer. At some point during his time there he met a man and together the two of them took up traveling the countryside of Cormyr. The man, of whom Sorn never recieved a name for, trained him in the ways of the monk, imparting upon Sorn his wisdom, and knowledge of combat. Together they defeated countless bandits and highwaymen until one day Sorns tutor simply up and left without a word.

Sorn continued with this lifestyle for a while until he heard from a Fearthegn Recruiter that there was a city called Beldin that was in need of adventurers to help. Heading the call for help at no thought to his own safety he took the next ship to Beldin eager to help in any way he could. Upon reaching Beldin he met Sir Gerald Leonsmane and was inspired by the goals that the Lion Legionnaires held and joined their order taking up the position of Reconciler promoting balance and good in all things.

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