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Summer is a female Tiefling Warlock, one of the few capable of controling Hellfire. She is also a Beldin knight of the Rose, and recently became a member of the Order of Astrid Knights .

Summer is played by Gr1m.


Despite this deep understanding of the dark arts, the origins of Summer powers remain a mystery, as she claims to have no affiliation with any fiendish power. Furthermore, the origins of Summer's fiendish heritage also remain a mystery, as Summer herself claims to not know.

What she does know is that she was born in Amn to unknown parents who cast her out as a child. Summer spent most of her youth fleeing death in one form or another. Eventually she settled down with a guild of thieves in Athkatla, where she performed administration work for some time. Eventually, the guild caught the attention of the Shadow Thieves of Amn, who began demanding tribute. Eventually the tribute grew too great to be paid, and the thieves guild disbanded and scattered, leaving Summer without a purpose or a home.

It was in this time that Summer travelled briefly to Beldin, where she discovered her talent for the Dark Arts. After partaking in several minor quests with the Adventurers of Beldin, she took her gold and left for unknown reasons.

Nearly fifteen years passed before Summer was heard from again, arriving back in Beldin, though to this day she hasn't spoken of where she was in that time. Instead, she buried herself in working as an adventurer on her return, vowing to stay in Beldin.

Shortly after her return, she began to express and interest in joining the Order of Astrid Knights , a matter she conveyed to Countess Marie Levey . Before the Astrid Council reached a decision on the matter, she distinguished herself by aiding Zilvra Vrinn and Vraeln Eininfar in capturing the warlock Szek'Thuul . Her success in this endeavor led to a unamimous vote among the council members to induct her into their ranks.

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