In 1376, the armies of Auril swept down, accompanied by a violent blizzard, on the unsuspecting city of Beldin. Since the adventurers had been raiding the Ice Temple for some years preceding the attack, Beldin had considered itself safe as the Aurilites were on the defensive. Iyraclea, the chosen of Auril, had gathered her army of Aurilites, Frost Giants, and White Dragons elsewhere, however, so their sweep down the valley went unchallenged. The only warning was the advancing storm cloud.

During the battle, most of the city of Beldin was destroyed. One of the dragons fell on the Temple of Torm, causing the roof to collapse. The top level of the Fearthegn's Bar ceased to exist, and most wooden buildings were entirely wrecked.

The Battle of the Blizzard marked the end of the Third Winter War.

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