Blood scroll

The Blood of the Gods

.The Blood of the Gods is a powerful greatsword, forged towards the end of the Time of Troubles

It is one of the few remaining "God Slayer " weapons in the Karen Valley.


This greatsword is considered holy by faithful of Tempus, Mystra and Torm. It was forged for the purpose of ensuring that something like the time of troubles would never happen again- or if it did, the damange would be lessened- by punishing those who would try t o start such chaos again by tempting the will of ao. It is said that the weapon could harm even the gods. Apperantly it was kept in hiding by the tormites ever since a rather embarrasing incident where their vigilance became lax, and a black guard stole it from a Temple of Tempus. He even managed to cause a great deal of damage before the blade was reapproprieated by the tormites.

Despite all the Tormites measures however, the blade vanished from its hold, but later resurfaced in the possession of the Tormite paladin Sir Feynot Hlalm of Beldin. He had intended to use it against the ramaging avatar of Auril Auril , but cirumstances had him in another part of the valley during that battle.

To this day, the knight and paladin of Astrid continues to wield this mighty weapon against demonic and infernal threats to the world.


"Tempus Tears, Mystras Star and Torms Blood shall not have fallen in Vain!" is carved around the handle of this

greatsword, which is studded with what appears to be reddish Amnythists, cloudy kings tears, and rubies. Lore claims that these stones are the blood of mystra, the tears of tempus and the blood of torm- all shed during the

time of troubls. The handle and blade both glow with a radiant light.


Weapon Type: Greatsword

Material: Alchemical Silver

Enhancement Class: Godslayer


Enhancement Bonus + 6

Damage Bonus: Divine 1d6

Damage Bonus: Fire 2d6

Damage Bonus Vs. Outsider: 2d6

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