The Reclamation War, or Reclamation Crusade, was a military assault on the Morrains that took place in the early 1400's. the Kingdom of Beldin, kingdom of Siluvan and a dwarven clan assaulted the orc hordes in a succesfull attempt to drive them out of the valley.

Initial PlansEdit

The Astrid Knights had been preparing for the Reclemation War over a decade before the operation came into effect. Initial objectives were to secure all the Mythal Capstone points, speicfically the ones in the Astrid Deeps, the Adamantine Mines and possibly in Nedra. Kretins Krawl was also planned to be attacked and secured in the south. It was decided that Siluvan and the dwarven clans would be contacted for aid, with the condition that Siluvan would get the Astrid Deeps, and the dwarves would reclaim the adamantine mines, as it was their clan hold in the older days.

Niether Aelfric Aelfhiem nor his queen Iris Jadys'Varine were made aware of these plans.


Due to the increasing danger posed by the Dark Prophecies, the plans to attack the north were postponed. When the time finally presented itself, the Mythal was destroyed by the withc Mystera, resulting in the Demongate War. By the end of this conflict, the valley was utterly devestated, and so the plans had to be pushed back yet again.

A little under ten years after the apocalyptic war, the Astrid Knights felt their forces were ready again. Despite the Mythals destruction, it was felt that the removal of the orc hordes would still benifit the valley, as would the reinstatement of the dwarves. Siluvan was already granted the Astrid Deeps during the Demongate War, when the Astrid Knights attacked it and cleared out the Yuan Ti, yet they still agreed to assist, likely in an attempt to avenge the assaults during the Adamantine War . The Uthgardt tribes were also promised a part of the Morrains during the Demongate War, in exchange for their aid against the abyssal legions.

The Reclemation War itself was brief, and resulted in all major orc settlements being destroyed. For some years later, orc war bands would enter the Morrains, but they were destroyed easily by the Uthgardt and posed no serious threat to the valley.


After several long centuries before the war, the dwarves finally settled back into the Morrains, and are now a part of the Karren Alliance, along with Siluvan and Beldin. A more open trade of Adamantine has been established, and the dwarves services as master masons has come in very high demand.

The Uthgardt maintain a strained and bizzare political alliance with Astrid Keep , which in their mind is distinct from Beldin. Astrid occasionally interferes and manipulates the political scene among the tribes, as it regards their presence as a useful buffer against north born threats to the kingdom.

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