Sword of

The Sword of Chu Ling

The Sword of Chu Ling is a powerful katana, named after its creator.

It is one of the few God Slayer weapons that was not destroyed or relinquished by the Beldin Knights. Although it is the most infamous of the

"God Slayer" weapons, it arguably bears the least powerful enchantments.


This sword was forged by one of the more unusual Kara-Turan masters- the elf Chu Ling, who besides being one of the best weapons masters of his day, also wished more than anything else that his family become great. In anticipation of this, he forged a moonblade-like katana, which would only accept someone under particular circumstances (such as being able to recite a Hie- Ku poem with great feeling). He was likewise concerned that those who wielded this blade be cultured and civilized, and so the blade tends to have an "upper class" effect on one. He did not want his blade wielded by some common barbarian, after all.

Local Beldin stories say that Chu Ling (or one of his descendants, depending on who is telling the tale) eventually found his way to the Karren valley, and with him came the sword. Again, accounts on what exactly happened differ wildly; some say the sword was lost in a drinking contest, while others claim it was lost on an adventure. The latter is more likely true, as all traces of Chu Ling or his descendands mysteriously vanished from the Karren.

The blade was found and claimed by Sir Ronin Eininfar in 1388, and was then used to slay the avatar of Auril. Since then, it has been wielded against several devil and demon lords, and become a rallying symbol for the northern frontier of Beldin.


This sword is somewhat different from most katana's in appearance. A golden blade, encased in brilliant flames, extends out of a dragons mouth, which itself rests on a slieghtly elongated handle. Fire opals can be found at the end of the handle and in both eyes of the dragon, with a saphire encrusted at the base of the blade.


Weapon Type: Katana

Material: Uknown

Enhancement Class: Godslayer


Enhancement Bonus +6

Enhancement Bonus Vs. Outsider: +8

Damage Bonus vs. Outsiders: 2d6

Damage Bonus (Fire): 2d6

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