Thilan was a tiefling warlock and member of the Dark Coven. He was killed by Ronin Eininfar .


Thilan was a young tiefling warlock who came to Beldin unguided and undertrained. Szek'Thuul seeing this and in desperate need of allies approched Thilan with a prospect to give him great power and opportunity in exchange for his servitude. Taking his offer greedily Szek was true to his word and Thilan quickly became a much more powerfull warlock. However this was all for naught when Thilan somehow let his token to Gargauth slip out and fall to the ground coincidentally at the exact moment Ronin Eininfar was bumping into him... Safe to say this ended in Thilan's death and now the old apprentice of Szek'Thuul is very much dead.

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