The goal here is to post pictures of the continuing work on the rebuilding of the valley. Suggestions are welcome, since none of this is a finished 'baked' draft.

Beldin Castle

The Castle area is bigger in this version of Beldin. The castle itself is larger, and there are a number of houses which
Beldin Castle - Top View
could be noble estates or the homes of wealthy merchants. The Temple of Tymora has been replaced by the Pantheon Temple in the center of town, and so has been moved here. The Temple of Torm looks much the same as it always has.

The tower to the north is partially used for defense, but the upper stories are inhabited by strange flying books of unknown intent. Or that is the plan right now.

The library is the tan-roofed building next to the castle, and next to it is the bank. Again, that's the current plan, since they don't have interiors yet.

The blue and pink building partially shown at the very bottom of the picture is the Pantheon Temple. If its not clear from the angle here, the castle district is significantly higher than the flea market, fearthegn's bar, and pantheon temple. There's an actual road leading up, however, so it should be easier on area transitioning.

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