Beldin Bay

Beldin Bay 2

Beldin Bay, aerial view

Here, you can see the blue-roofed pantheon temple. Presumably, life gems would be sold in there for convience sake. Its the walmart of temples!
Flea Market 1

Flea Market

The brown smudge in the middle of the picture is where the great oak tree was before it died. If you were not aware of the great oak tree's demise, then take note now that the tree currently in the module is leafless. Taurus' monsters accidentally killed it.

The Fearthegn's Bar and the Adventurers' Guild are in their 'normal' places. The bay itself is larger, and so holds more ships. It occured to me that considering that shipping is important to Beldin, there should be some more. They just take up so much valuable room. . . 'tis annoying.


Temple of Kelemvor

To your left here, you have the graveyard and temple of Kelemvor. It is behind the Adventurers' Guild now, instead of the Fearthegn's Bar. I'm not sure whether I like the white temple effect so much or not, but they gave us a special "Temple of Kelemvor" placeable, so I figured we should use it. It comes with a new and improved larger version of the crypts.

The tower behind it may or may not get an interior. Its meant to be a guard tower, and its hiding the Thayan Consortium towers.

Beldin Bay 1

Ships in Beldin Bay

It was necessary to insert a picture of ships here. I was trying to make the docks look more dock-like. There will be more crates lying about in the finished version.

Below is the Thayan Consortium. I decided to use the MotB Thayan Consortium appearance, despite the potential use of said placeable for mind flayer cities in the future. Again, since we have the placeable, I figured it could be used for what its supposed to be used for. . .

Thayan Consortium

Thayan Consortium and Bay District

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