Beldin Gate

Beldin Gate - Top View 2

Beldin Gate, aerial view

And here we have the Gate District. Note that the build #1 theater is back, and Drusilia's Tea Shoppe has returned to its place over the "river" where it was in Beldin 1.

The Mage's Guild looks basically the same as it does now. I promise the theater in front of it will actually have stuff going on in it this time. . . not sure what yet, but there will be something! The arts shall thrive in Beldin yet!

The southern part of the district is taken up with shops, merchant's guilds, and homes. Or that's the idea, anyway. . .

The exterior shoreline looks all gravely because its not finished yet.

Drusilia's Tea Shoppe

Drusilia's Tea Shoppe

When the shoreline is done, it will probably look something like the stream-bank in the picture on the left.

There are a few more pictures under "New Pictures". They just didn't fit here.

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