So in the last two weeks (or however long its been since the last posts), I have been sprucing up the city areas and working out the kinks of the ambient NPCs. Yes, there shall be NPCs wandering about the streets of Beldin (using Uncle FB's NPC system from the Vault), for the sake of color.

Flea Market and Fearthegn's Bar

The Flea Market is significantly larger and has more room to move around in. This picture is from early morning. The tower way off in the distance is the belltower, and behind it is the Temple of Tymora. The building in front which looks like the Fearthegn's Bar is the Fearthegn's Bar. Ignore the ivory staircase, its there for walkmesh purposes. . .

NPCs by the Fearthegn's Bar
Behold, happy NPCs! They now gather in front of the Fearthegn's Bar for lunch and dinner and snacks. There are street lights now for Beldin, so the city should be properly illuminated at night. Yay!

These screenshots were brought to you by Elemiire, who was trying out a new hairstyle from the vault.

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