Real waron

Waron and Aspen

Sir Waron Kley is hunter who has trained in the druidic arts. He was knighted by king Aelfric Aelfhiem in 1392 for his aid

against King Malark Lester during the The Knights Rebellion. His pet wolf, Aspen, is usualy not far from his side.

Waron is played by Jadenn.


Little is known of Waron before his time in Beldin. He came to the valley during the reign of King Malark Lester, searching for "interesting prey". Although he did perform a few minor tasks for Malark's goverment, he eventually switched sides and joined the rebellion, though the reasons for this are known only to himself. He eagerly participated in the interrogations of captured enemy soldiers, much to the chagrin of the more morally guided knights and adventurers, and did not shy away from open battle, as was seen in the final assault on Beldin itself.

Following the restoration of the Aelfhiem goverment, Waron resumed wandering the valley, rarely staying in one place and always searching for new prey to perfect his hunter instincts. Eventually, this led him to the company of Jan Osprey, who at the time was attempting to regroup the Dark Coven with the aid of the Herald's Cult. Unknown to Osprey, however, this was a charade, for he remained strangely loyal to the Astrid Knights, providing them with information as to the cult's where abouts.


He wears Enchanted Boots of The Speedy Gnome, Masterwork Gauntlets, an Elven Chain Shirt, a Ring of Resistence, a ring of Adventurers Balm, and a necklace of the order of the Rose... He Carries around Gerald Leonsmane's old bow, he has an assorted variety of backup weapons, He recently acquired a Sickle called "God Like Power" and a Crossbow made out of Human bones, wood, and metal... There is a lever to send maggots with a shot that eat them up, the One and only "Infector"

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