Exalted Templar Wayloyl Loyalten after joining the Lion Legionnaires

Wayloyl is a human warrior with a violent streak. He first came to the Kareyn valley some time after the fall of Malark's regiem, but dissapeared a few months later, only to reappear after nearly 16 years, seemingly a changed man.

Shortly after his return, he joined the Lion Legionaires, and currently holds the rank of Exaulted Templar. Wayloyl is played by Diablo


Wayloyl's known history begins in Beldin where he appeared as an a mostly untrained fighter who came searching for work as a mercenary, willing to work for the highest paying person, doing whatever job, regardless of morality or consequence. He then along the road met the fallen paladin Horizon , and several other adventurers.

It was not long after this that Wayloyl was approached in a dream by a certain fiend by the name of Szek'Thuul who had previously been slain in the Red Temple and risen as a greater devil. In this dream Szek offered Wayloyl gifts of power and knowledge, and trained the human to prepare him as the ultimate soldier to aid Dusk in killing Ronin Eininfar . Wayloyl agreed.

He went on as a close friend with Dusk , frequently aiding the fallen warrior in his quests, Wayloyls sword cleaving the way. However Szek'Thuul would never see his plan come to fruitation as not long before Dusk was possessed by the Crown of Thuul did Wayloyl vanish, not to be seen until the Demon Gate Crisis in which he aided Beldin for a short time before leaving yet again. This time, for 16 years.

After his long leave of absense through which he fought as a mercenary for countless battles in far off lands, Wayloyl Loyalten returned to Beldin. This time, however, he had a far different goal than the last time he settled. He came seeking a purpose, a drive greater than the lust of battle as his younger self was so entertained with. He found such a purpose in Sir Gerald Leonsmane's new order, the Lion Legionnaires, where soon after hearing of its cause enlisted. Upon such enlistment and after battling through hordes of undead by Gerald's side, the former Purple Dragon Knight gave Wayloyl the honor of serving his order as an Exalted Templar, so long as he proves himself of having changed.

Struggling between what he once was, the temptations of Szek'Thuuls old promises, and the new hopes of becoming a good man and leading a life of purpose, Wayloyls future is ultimatly yet to be writen....

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